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'We are not Human Beings living a Spiritual Experience, 
We are Spiritual Beings living the Human Experience'

Crystal Singing Bowls, Crystal Singing Pyramid, Tibetan singing bowl 

Chakra Energy Bar Chimes. 

Through the pure crystal tones produced by both the crystal pyramids and singing bowls (Alchemy and White Quartz) the sound affects the brain activity as it travels into an altered state of consciousness.  

These exceptional Alchemy bowls are infused with natural elements, pure minerals, gemstones, and precious metals inharmony with pure quartz crystal.  

The unique quality of the sound expands and focuses the listener, creating balance and calm at a very deep level. The Quartz crystal music holds the vibration of white light, which ultimately refracts into the rainbow and acts directly on our chakras when played. 

It has the power to bring about a positive shift in our consciousness, and as our awareness expands, 

we grow in our physical form  and both crystal bowls and pyramids are excellent for healing and meditation as well as clearing and energising. 

Crystal acts as an oscillator—magnifying and transmitting pure tone as such they like a powerful radio transmitter, the crystal bowls and pyramids transmit energy, not only into the human body, but into the surrounding atmosphere for planetary balancing as well.

 In a healing session, both crystal singing bowls and the pyramids are played to affect certain energy centres in the body

 brings balance, peace and harmony to specific parts of the body or for overall relaxation and well-being. 


Using crystal singing bowls and pyramids for healing together can help us on many levels---physically, it can dissolve blockages in the body, reduce pain and stress and increase feelings of calm and relaxation; mentally, it can help us clear our minds, concentrate better and increase our feelings of confidence, hope and joy along with spiritually. It can alter our consciousness, raise our energetic vibration and consciousness and align ourselves with our true nature. 

All in all, crystal singing bowls and pyramids healing are wonderful tools to help us live healthier, more balanced lives.


Benefits of Crystal Sound Therapy

• help ease pain

• harmonise brainwave activity- balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain

• relieve stress

• treat fatigue

• reduce anxiety

• eliminate sleep disorders

• overcome learning difficulties

• correct vertebrae alignment

• used for healing on ALL levels, they can create connected relationships

• powerful tool to assist with manifestation and creating abundance and much more.

Tibetan singing bowls are a type of instrument used for healing. 
Also known as Himalayan bowls, Tibetan singing bowls are considered a type of bell.
Buddhist monks have long used Tibetan singing bowls in meditation.
In addition, some alternative medicine practitioners (including music therapists, massage therapists, and yoga therapists) use Tibetan singing bowls to aid in the treatment of certain health conditions.
When played, Tibetan singing bowls vibrate and produce a deep, rich tone. In alternative medicine, many proponents claim that these vibrations can produce beneficial changes within the body by reducing stress "harmonizing" the cells, and "balancing the body's energy system." Some also claim that Tibetan singing bowls can stimulate the immune system and produce beneficial changes in brain waves.
People use Tibetan singing bowls for many purposes, including stress reduction and pain relief.
Some people use Tibetan singing bowls in combination with other healing practices, such as meditation and deep breathing.

7 Chakra Energy Bar Chime
These Energy Chime bars ares made from a special Aluminium alloy producing rich, long lasting sounds. These are used for healing as they produce different vibrations and frequencies. 
 These Chakra Energy Chime Bars are based on the following tones- Energy Bar Chime 3rd Eye Chakra Tone "A", Energy Bar Chime Crown Chakra Tone "B", Energy Bar Chime Root Chakra Tone "C", Energy Bar Chime Sacral Chakra Tone "D", Energy Bar Chime Solar Plexus Chakra Tone "E", Energy Bar Chime Heart Chakra Tone "F", Energy Bar Chime Throat Chakra Tone "G". 
The sound vibrations emitted by these energy chimes are rich in natural harmonics, which are the healing component of music, triggering alertness, concentration and deep relaxation. 
Energy chimes are used for healing and relaxing. Incredible resonance helps to focus the mind in meditation. Perfect for Feng Shui energy clearing and Chakra balancing.

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