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'We are not Human Beings living a Spiritual Experience, 
We are Spiritual Beings living the Human Experience'

Customer Reviews

There were two main challenges that I faced coming in to these sessions with Kerryn; one was a debilitating feeling from being verbally abused and bullied in the work place and also I had recently taken a fall from a reasonable height.
The main concern I had/have is high stress levels in the way I was reacting to situations around me and how my mind and body were affected by that stress.  
The Reiki sessions combined with other methods that I put in place have assisted me in dealing with any issues that I face.  
Even though I still react to words and situations I am learning to put them in perspective, deal with them and move through them. 
It is a slow process but I am more aware of and certainly not reacting to situations the way that I used to. I feel a lot calmer within myself and have been able to control my thoughts in a shorter time frame than I used to, therefore not allowing the stress to pile on.
A fantastic sense of calmness and serenity washes over me every time I have a session. 
After the first couple of sessions I began to feel the energy within and around me.  
I sleep like a baby after every session obtaining around 8 hours solid sleep something that does not occur any other time for me.  
I always look forward with eager anticipation to my next session - like a kid at Christmas time.
These sessions are helping me to regain a lot of confidence in myself and realising that I cannot fix or solve all problems/issues as many of them are not mine to fix; in other words letting go and not taking on other peoples words or problems that in reality I should not be taking on. However, as I come from a generation of "fixers" this is a hard thing to do. These sessions have helped enormously for me to understand that not everything people do or say around me is my responsibility. Therefore, I am becoming a better person all round, less stress, being in a better place of mind - all this assists me in getting back to the person I was a few years ago.
My outlook on life has changed, I feel more positive and able to take on the world (albeit in small ways at the moment); the debilitation I felt is making way for a more get up a go type person.
I would Absolutely recommend Kerryn, this was definitely something I needed and came along at the right time.  
I did not know Kerryn until earlier this year when I was recommended to her. So very appreciative to Kerry for that recommendation; I would not hesitate in recommending Kerryn to anyone, though I am well aware that not every person will get the same as I have from meeting, getting to know her and our sessions together. I say give it a go and Kerryn gets a 10 out of 10 from me.
For me walking in to Kerryn's room is just the most wonderful feeling. The moment I step in I feel the world fall away (well actually any worries or issues I have-but you get the drift). Big statement I know, but it is how I feel. Safe, loved, comfortable, myself.
Margaret Vic 

Kerryn you Goddess of a Woman! You made me comfortable from the very second I saw you! 
Everything you said today, resonates with me, on a deep level! You've given me a new lease on life and I feel so great for having met you!
You're truly gifted and I can't sing your praise, loud enough!!!!
THANK YOU... xxxxxx
Shannon Vic

Kerryn has been so amazing. Who she is as a person and the services she has provided has had such a big impact on me this year. It's been a long process, I know I have certainly resisted a lot along the way, but when I look back to where I was at the start of the year I really can see such a huge improvement and I just know I wouldn't be where I am today without her.
Gemma Vic

Since my hypnosis session with Kerryn I have a greater understanding of why I was over-eating and the emotions that drove my cravings for unhealthy food choices. I am now able to stick to a nutrition plan and any 'treats' I allow myself are now eaten as a matter of choice rather than a result of 'caving into the cravings". Kerryn creates a space of safety and non judgement and I am feeling much happier, healthier and more empowered as a result of the work we did together. Thank you, Kerryn 
Kate Vic

Absolutely on point. Kerryn told me exactly what I needed to hear. I'm now aware and have the know how to fix this massive void. Can't recommend this woman enough. Thank you
Cathie Vic

Awaken the Spirit Within Workshop 
What a fantastic day we had, connecting to the spirit within auras, my heart to your heart connection receiving messages it was truly lovely and great to meet like minded people, thank you Kerryn for presenting this workshop to us, very worthwhile, I look forward to the next xx ✨ Susan 

A truly amazing experience! Such a great starter for those wanting to embrace their spiritual side.

I highly recommend Kerryn she is gifted in not only her knowledge but her ability to connect with everyone.  Hayley

What an amazing beautiful day we had , it was wonderful
to be surrounded by so many Lovely people thank you so much Kerryn for giving us all the opportunity to be apart of such an amazing experience thank you 😘😘😘😘 love and blessings to all xxx Lorrae

What an amazing lady you are kerryn your teachings today have really opened me up I thoroughly enjoyed today and have learnt so much so very very grateful xxx Leonie
Hey kerryn, just wanted to share something nice with you. Since starting school my 5 year old has been having trouble getting to sleep at night. He is always so tired but will usually lay in bed for atleast an hour saying he cant sleep. Tonight..i put on one of your guided meditations for him. I went in there 15 minutes later and he was snoring his head off!! It must have really just helped him to switch off and relax.
Thank you so much!!!  Lesley

I recently won a 30 mins session with kerryn and thamkfully I paid for an extra 30mins. Kerryn is simply put amazing at what she does! She tapped into through her guides and mine exactly how I have been feeling, what I knew I needed to change but needed to hear it from an outside source! She was so so accurate with everything that was coming up! I am so so very grateful for the angels choosing me and for Kerryn to allow me into her home and space for me to be able to grow from her guidence! Xoxoox Kira

Yesterday I had my first private session with Kerryn after following this page for some months. Wow, I felt like I was speaking to an old friend the minute we connected by Skype Kerryn is so amazing. Unfortunately I couldn't stop talking and interrupting, for which I aplogise. I had forgotten about the little brass Angel Bells and the blue budgie from years and years ago (at least 30 years) until Kerryn mentioned them. Kerryn confirmed what I was already feeling in my heart into knowing. I am so grateful to Kerryn for the insights and to the Angels and Spirits and Universe for not giving up on me. I am sure my first session will not be my last. Love, blessings and gratitude to you lovely. xxx Angela

I just finished my 2 day Ascension Reiki levels 1 & 2 wth Kerryn. 

She's such a sweet lady with such great enthusiasm and positivity. She's such an attentive teacher, great listener and facilitator for this healing modality. I feel really blessed to have had her guidance & be able to listen to her advice and experience. 

She has great advice on client-focused therapy and you manage to cover so much in one weekend. WONDERFUL! <3 :D Elspeth Melbourne VIC

Thank you Kerryn for a wonderful weekend of guidance, encouragement and teaching. I feel so grateful to have shared this experience with you. Blessings Bel

Absolutely amazing! Kerryn, if I could have jumped through the phone and given you a huge cuddle I would have. I had a one hour medium reading with Kerryn and the guidance and clarity that I received was priceless. 

I've had a real tough few months with some dark energies haunting my life and I hadn't been able to shift the heavy sadness from my life. Kerryn spoke to me about these energies, my angels and my reconnection with my inner self and being. The guidance I needed and the spiritual connection we had was something I couldn't even put words to. 

There were things that no one could physically know that Kerryn came through with. She gave me the closure I needed through a pathway plan in my spiritual light and my place in this wonderful universe. 

I can't wait for my next session with Kerryn & will be seeing her for a face to face session as soon as possible! 

Thank you Xxx Brendon Melbourne VIC

Just took part in a group meditation followed by group sound session with sound bowls, feel like I'm floating â˜ºï¸ Rebecca 

"'Thank you Kerryn for an amazing reading, the cards were truly fascinating.  
My reading gave me  lots of answers and comfort.   
You truly have a beautiful gift.''   Danielle

I had a beautiful reading this morning from Kerryn, connecting with my husband and understanding my path.  Thank you so much Kerryn xx

I thank the universe for giving me the opportunity to have met this wonderfully gifted lady for a reading yesterday. I left Kerryn with my soul feeling immensely at ease and content. Her accuracy is amazing . I am now really excited to participate in various workshops she is running to enhance my personal spiritual growth xo Michelle 

My session with Kerryn was just one big "WOW". It was ALL... so spot on !!! I continue to have "WOW" moments 2 days later , as I replay my experience. Thank you Kerryn for your amazing insightfulness. I am now armored with a wonderful exciting to-do list that I know will be propelling me forward on my healing journey!! Elise NYC USA

I had Reiki done and i found the whole experience very calming and centering. So much so that shortly after i saw Kerryn i fell pregnant which my husband and i had had a lot of trouble with beforehand. Wonderful experience.  Anna

I enjoyed every bit of my reading with Kerryn she helped me to get peace with the passing of my daughter and ensured me that my new baby girl who is now 5 months old would be born safely and healthy which she is and that she would love animals which she had a strong bond with my dog and she sees her sister in spirit which I find amazing :) Thankyou Jess

Like I said before on my other post, Kerryn is an amazing lady. So full of love and guidance, my session was on Healing. So Kerryn even gave me homework to do on myself about healing and I am so grateful for her kindness and true gift from the Universe. I highly recommend Kerryn to everyone, I am now equipped with the tools to help heal myself and to hopefully move on. Kerryn you are such a blessing. Many kind thanks.


One of the most healing experiences I have ever had in my life, so many things I knew within myself but I needed to hear, delivered with such insight and compassion. Kaj

Kerryn is a truly incredible soul. Her intuition and guidance is wonderful. If you are seeking guidance or healing then I would highly recommend Kerryns services.  Su

Kerryn is incredible! Such a role model and so easy to be comfortable around.
From readings, to meditation, and all the way to Reiki Kerryn has helped me grow so much as a person! Highly recommended and such an incredible lady. Natasha

I've had many sessions with Kerryn for a number of things like reiki,personal reading, house clearing and meditation classes. Not only is she a beautiful person on the inside and out,but she is AMAZING as the work she does. I can not speak highly enough of her work and what a wonderful person she is as well!! Out of all the mediums/reiki practiotioners I've been to over the years (which are quiet alot) Kerryn is about the only one i can easily score a 10/10 too. Alana

Kerryn, I can not express how thankful I am that I found you. 
You have been my inspiration in taking my first step to finding peace with myself. 
I'd never had Reiki before, and was a bit sceptical to begin with, but I can say now since my first session I have become addicted. 
Kerryn's professionalism and welcoming aura is like no other, as soon as I entered her room I automatically felt at home. 
I now look forward to my Reiki sessions and count down the days. 
Kerryn, I really cant thank-you enough. 
You have changed my life - Shelbi xx

I was very nervous before my reiki/reading session. However my nerves quickly eased once I was greeted by Kerryn. My session gave me more than I could have possibly imagined. I left feeling so refreshed and like a new person. 

Thank you Kerryn, I cant wait for my next one xo


Thank you so much for my wonderful treatment! It was so peaceful and amazing! I definitely left a different person to the one i arrived as! And will be back for more as i continue on my journey. 

Thank you again :-) Alana

I wish to thank Kerryn for the gift of the free reading that I was selected for from her FaceBook page.

I Spent an amazing hour which could have gone on for ages. Truly grateful for the connection and messages received. I look forward to meeting with Kerryn again. The beautiful experience began as we greeted each other. I highly recommend visiting Kerryn for a session. Blessings


I've never had reiki done before, so I was a little hesitant. Kerryn was amazing, and what I experienced throughout the session and afterwards, I was not expecting. I felt relaxed, emotional, very positive and in control. I had my doubts, but Kerryn made me feel so wonderful about myself, that I feel I have become a better person for it. Thank you Kerryn. xx Kel

Thank you for the most amazing experience ever. It was just pure magic... Kerryn you made me feel so relaxed that I fell into a deep sleep. I will be back again for the sheer pleasure and positive feelings you share.   Jan

"Thank you for the most Beautiful tranquil and peaceful treatment you gave me today.  I left feeling relaxed and so peaceful”  Mary