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'We are not Human Beings living a Spiritual Experience, 
We are Spiritual Beings living the Human Experience'

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 For more than 24 years now I have been actively pursuing my own personal and spiritual development.  

My journey of self discovery has lead to me to many beautiful soul teachers, spirit guides and experiences.

  For this I am forever grateful.

I strive to continually grow and evolve so that I may reach the highest level of Consciousness accessible to me in this lifetime.

Each and everyone of us has the ability to connect with that which we are “creation in motion”

We are the creators of our own realities, our thoughts, our feelings, our self vocalisations and our actions create our reality.

Imagine a reality filled with peace, love and harmony how beautiful could this world of ours be!!

Through meditation, living consciously and activity being in the present moment we can experience "All that Is" right here, right now.

I have arrived at a time in my life where all of the lessons and skills that I have acquired along my journey are now to be shared with those who wish to open their hearts and their minds.  

“Seek and you shall find”  “Ask and you shall receive” 

Through the modalities of Mediumship, Reiki, , Meditation and Spiritual Counselling I believe my experiences can help you further understand yours.


Psychic Medium and Certified Angel Card Reader

Master/Teacher of Ascension Reiki and Angelic Attunements of Light

Registered member of the Reiki Australia Association

Spiritual Counselling

Certified Meditation Teacher (ACHS)

Spiritual/Psychic Development

“How may I be of Service"