Holistic Essentials Therapy and Consulting

'We are not Human Beings living a Spiritual Experience, 
We are Spiritual Beings living the Human Experience'

                                                  Mission Statement

My every thought, action, decision and belief that I have ever felt, expressed or acted upon has lead me to this very moment "right here”,  "right now'

Where I am “Right Now” in this exact moment is in perfect harmony of my Divine Plan

My journey in this life has bought me many experiences and life events,  and it is my hope that my experiences may assist you also in finding the tools and knowledge that you have deep within you.  

My joy is to join you on your journey and assist you in awakening and reconnecting you with your Inner Being.

I promote compassionate and effective treatments for disease and disharmony in a Holistic manner.

I aim to ease suffering in a caring and professional manner to the best of my ability .

To promote harmony and balance of the Body, Emotions, Mind and Spirit that treats the whole person. 

To promote my practice with professionalism, accountability, integrity, and a continuous striving for improvement and excellence in the healing that I offer.

To promote and encourage the pursuit of knowledge, research, and personal responsibility.

To share my knowledge without reserve for the purpose of healing.

To continuously promote good health and spiritual harmony.

To pursue, without reserve, my own healing and spiritual journey so that I may serve better.

To honour the precept that all true healing is healing of the Spirit.

"How may I be of Service"